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Kitchen Tip – Cleaning off stains on your non-stick pan

I made a stir fry the other day and the food stuck really bad to the bottom of my wok.  It also stained the bottom.  I soaked it and scrubbed it with a Scrub Daddy.  I wanted to be careful not to scratch the non stick coating.  After all that work, the bottom was still… Continue reading Kitchen Tip – Cleaning off stains on your non-stick pan

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Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Sandwich

Thanksgiving has passed and after eating turkey, dressing, and the other sides for a few days, its time to get back to regular food.  So this morning I made one of my favorite breakfasts: Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Sandwich with a bowl of cereal.  My favorite bacon to use is the Burgers Smokehouse Peppered Thick… Continue reading Bacon, Egg, & Cheese Sandwich

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The Perfect Smoked Turkey

For the holidays we have Turkey for Thanksgiving and Ham for Christmas.  I myself am a Ham person.  But ever since we started smoking the Turkey, I’ve really started enjoying Turkey.  The first year we smoked a turkey was last year.  My husband bought a pellet grill last year.  It smokes, grills, and bakes.  It… Continue reading The Perfect Smoked Turkey

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The Best Carrot Cake Recipe

Thanksgiving came and went and now its time to prepare for the next holiday, Christmas.  I know my daughter is ready to start celebrating Christmas.  Tomorrow we will bring out all of the Christmas decorations and put away the Thankgiving/Autumn decorations.  Sad to see one holiday pass, but on the other hand excited to see… Continue reading The Best Carrot Cake Recipe

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Chicken Quesadillas

One of my favorite mexican type meals is chicken quesadillas.  I didn’t start trying to make them at home until recent years.  I use to wonder how they were cooked.  Were they cooked on a griddle, in a skillet, in the oven, or some other way?  I wasn’t really sure.  So for years I stayed… Continue reading Chicken Quesadillas

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Black Bean Brownies

The older I get the more I’m open to experiment and try new and different things in the wonderful world of food. Since having my daughter I’ve been trying to eat better and figure out healthier versions of the foods I love.  I’ve been researching how to make healthier versions of desserts.  I’ve looked into… Continue reading Black Bean Brownies

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Special Fried Rice

One of the things I like to do is try to replicate some of my favorite restaurant or fast food meals.  One of my favorite foods, which I guess you would catorgorize as fast food is special fried rice.  I made some white rice in my rice cooker a week ago to go with another… Continue reading Special Fried Rice