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Kitchen Tip – Cleaning off stains on your non-stick pan

I made a stir fry the other day and the food stuck really bad to the bottom of my wok.  It also stained the bottom.  I soaked it and scrubbed it with a Scrub Daddy.  I wanted to be careful not to scratch the non stick coating.  After all that work, the bottom was still stained.  I searched the internet for tips on how to clean.  Otherwise I was thinking I may have to throw the wok away.  The tip I found was to use baking soda.  I was skeptical if it would work.  I wet the wok, sprinkled baking soda all over the bottom, then used the scrub daddy to scrub the bottom.  I was surprised when it all cleaned off.  Unfortunately I didn’t think to take a before and after picture to share on this post.  I probably didn’t take any pictures since I didn’t think it was going to work. But it did.  So next time you have stuck on foods or stains on the bottom of your non stick pan, try using baking soda.  It really is an amazing product.  I hope you enjoyed my first Kitchen Tip.


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