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30 Minutes or Less Dinners: Taco Salad

Yesterday was Saturday.  Me and my husband got up and took our daughter to Breakfast with Santa and the Holiday Bazaar that was held at her school.  Afterwards we decided to do some errands.  The first place we went was to Bath and Body Works to buy some hand soap and wallflower refills.  We really like their selection.  Of course it was the worst day we could have decided to go since they were having their annual candle sale.  The lines were almost out the door.  Needless to say we didn’t wait in line and decided to just buy what we wanted online.  You have to love the convience of buying online.  The only thing I was disappointed about was they charged for shipping.  I have found most places offer free shipping or at least if you purchase a certain amount.  After leaving Bath and Body Works, we went to our favorite store Wal-Mart.  Which I can be in there for hours.  I had a few more stops after Wal-Mart but decided to cut it short and only make one more stop.  Our last stop was Fresh Thyme to get our favorite sandwich meat, Boars Head.  They also have a great veggie dip, which I haven’t figured out the recipe yet.  By the time we finished all of the errands it was about 4pm.

At that point we were pretty hungry.  The only meal we had that day so far was breakfast.  We were so tempted to just call for delivery.  Over the last few years we have really tried to limit how much we eat fast food or take out.  We try to eat most of our meals at home.  So we resisted the urge to just call and get some chinese food delivered and figure out something to eat at home.  Since everyone at this point was pretty hungry I was trying to figure out something that would cook up in the time it would take delivery to be delivered.  So I landed on Taco Salads.

I really like the taco salads I make a home.  For the taco salad shell I like the Azteca brand that you bake in the oven.  It takes about 10 mintues to bake.  They are light and crispy.  I eat the whole thing.


For the filling you need the following:

  • 1 lb Ground Beef
  • Taco Seasoning
  • Iceberg Lettue, chopped
  • Cheddar Cheese, shredded
  • Tomato, diced
  • Olives, sliced
  • Sour Cream (optional)
  • Salsa (optional)
  • BBQ Fritos (optional)
  • Salad Dressing (optional)

How I make my taco salads:

  1. Brown and drain your ground beef.  Season with Taco Seasoning.  I don’t have a particular brand I prefer over the other.
  2. Chop Iceberg Lettuce.  I like iceberg for taco salads.  I like to chop my own versus buying already chopped.  It just seems like the Lettuce is brighter and crisper.
  3. For cheese add whatever type of cheese you like.  I prefer the traditional cut mild cheddar cheese
  4. Add some chopped tomatoes and sliced olives.  Of course, all to your taste.
  5. Top with sour cream, salsa, and fritos.  I like the BBQ flavored fritos, but as everything its all to your taste.
  6. I also like to add salad dressing, specifically California French.
  7. Then eat up

This is pretty quick dinner.  It will probably take about the same amount of time as it would to wait for delivery.




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