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Simple Christmas Craft

In my first post about crafting I admitted to not being a very good crafter.  However, my daughter loves to do crafts.  So this one I was able to cheat a little bit.  The school actually sent this one home for us to do together as a family.  I thought it was pretty neat and simple.  The goal of the craft is to make it easy for your child to be able to count down the days till christmas.  You cut strips of red and green construction paper.  All the same size.  Then you loop each strip into a circle to make a link to build a chain.  We just used tape to make the links.  When we did the craft there was 21 days till christmas, so we used 21 strips (11 red and 10 green).  Once it was done, we found a place to put it so we could see it.  Every night before she goes to bed she is suppose to remove a link, and when all the links are gone, that means its Christmas.  This craft was simple and easy for her to do mostly herself.  I only cut the pieces of tape.  I also liked the fact that this craft was not messy.  Until next time.


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