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Kitchen Gadget #1 – Salad Spinner

I’ve thought about buying a salad spinner over the last few years.  I stopped myself every time from buying one since I always looked at as one more kitchen gadget that I’d have to find some place to put.  Also, it only has one use, to clean your lettuce and get the water off.  For years I just bought the already packaged lettuce.  But the packaged lettuce doesn’t look as good and doesn’t last as long.  They say we eat with our eyes and you want your lettue to look bright, crisp, and vibrant.  In the last year I’ve started buying heads of romaine and icebreg lettuce and cutting it myself.  But I spend a lot of time trying to dry it before making my salad. I took a cooking class and they used a salad spinner.  After taking that class it put the idea back in my head.  So after years of thinking about it it, I finally broke down and bought one.  So far I really like it.  My lettuce never looked so good and it really gets the water off.  I use my salad spinner and then pre make salads for the week.  The lettuce looks fresh and vibrant and the pre made salads last for almost two weeks.  The packaged lettuce has never looked as good.  I give it a thumps up.  If you have the space  to store one, you may want to consider getting one.  Now I need to figure out what else can I do with it.



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