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Kitchen Gadget #2 – Ice Cream Scooper


The Ice Cream Scooper is a gadget that for years the only thing I used it for was to scoop ice cream.  Its been recent years that I started using it for other things.  The regular scooper I started using to make cupcakes and muffins.  Its great to use to make sure each cupcake or muffin is the same size.  It also makes it easier to fill the muffin pan.  In the last few years I also bought a small ice cream scooper.  I like to use it when making drop cookies.  I use to scoop each cookie with a regular spoon.  My cookies would be all different sizes and sometimes just way too big.  I started using the small ice cream scoop and it sizes them just right.  I also use the small scooper for mini cupcakes and muffins.  When I first got into making cupcakes and muffins I bought a special cupcake scooper that included a jumbo, regular, and mini size.  I found that the ice cream scooper still works better.  I give it a thumps up especially since you can use it for more than just scooping ice cream.


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